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HPS - Cassco HPS1000 (Hot Stamp Machine)

HPS - Cassco HPS1000 (Hot Stamp Machine)

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Here is a USED (Refurbished) Cassco HPS 1000 Hot Stamp Machine. This has been refurbished and ready to hot stamp! Plugs into a regular 110v outlet! This even has an electric foil feed machine. This can do 1ton of pressure and would need an air compressor, a nice workbench or tabletop/stand, and a nest support (not included).

ONE TON can do 3-4inch stamps on discs and may be able to get away with bigger but probably not with a stamp that had a lot of surface area. This could be used for bottom stamps, but would require a custom bottom stamp nest setup that would be additional costs. This is for the purchase of JUST the machine itself. SEE PICTURES.


Nest Support could be purchased from any metal or CNC shop, or we could make one for $400. This allows you to stamp anywhere on top of the disc besides the rim!

Self-Centering Universal Mount(SCUM) with nest support for entire hardware (as seen on AGL Discs) would be an addition $3000. This allows you to stamp any brand's discs!!

Self-Centering Universal Bottom Stamp Mount (SCUBSM) with nest support for entire universal mount for entire hardware, with nest support and bottom stamp self-centering arms, would be an additional $5000. (Or $2000 if you already have SCUM). This allows you to stamp any brand's discs - ON THE BOTTOM!!!

*This machine would be an estimate of $500-800 to ship freight, anywhere, in the continental USA. Shipping would be calculated after purchase, but we can quote you if you email us at

**We guarantee and can show video of this machine in perfect working order before shipping. Once shipped, you will be responsible for any, and all, maintenance and servicing on your HPS machine. We can help obtain parts, and can recommend someone who can help troubleshoot but it would be "Purchased AS IS". Thank you for understanding

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