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HPS - Pre-made Stamp Support (Entire Base)

HPS - Pre-made Stamp Support (Entire Base)

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So we have had some folks ask about the base/support, or some people call it the "nest". It is what your disc sits on when you are stamping! And having the proper support will make all the difference in the world! 

These are approximately 6'' across and can work on most all manufacturers. They are not perfect circles. I cut metal, not wood. Lol. But they will work. You are mainly paying for my time, because let's face it - you could go do this. But I have some ready for you now if you wanted to save some time. 

We will sell the wood itself, the silicone mats, and the painters tape now as well. This way you could make your own too. See our accessory section for that and other small stuff. 

If you guys think of anything else we need to have, please let us know.

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