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HPS - Stamp Starter Set (ALL IN ONE)

HPS - Stamp Starter Set (ALL IN ONE)

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  • 1x - 5X7cm Tabletop Machine ($220value)
  • 1x - 2inch Brass Stamp with Bolt Mount ($110value)
  • 1x - COMPLETE Pre-Made Support Base/Nest ($35value)
  • 2x - Sample Roll of Foil - 3"x 50ft ($20value)

*** Basically EVERYTHING You Need to get started on your own custom stamp. You must purchase the package and then email us your artwork in vector format ai or pdf, black and white. STAMP MAY TAKE 2-3WEEKS FOR DELIVERY, ONCE ARTWORK IS APPROVED!!!

These machines are upgraded with springs and we go over them by adding more lube to the pistons, tightening the bolt mounts, and calibrate the distance on the header. *We also offer support, if necessary. **5x7cm is only size that can do bottom stamps on discs.

***THESE MACHINES ARE BEST SUITED FOR 2inch stamps. Anything bigger has a higher chance of dropout. Each stamp designs vary as well, so some may get away with larger if outline or less solid areas on the stamp/die.


· Digital temperature display in Fahrenheit · Precise full plate scale · Balance spring for stable working· U-type hole to meet different needs for installing mold and letters · Heating fast with double heat pipes · Durable stainless steel back support & aluminum alloy body


Model: 90DSS
Voltage: 110V
Power: 500W 
Heating plate size: 5x7CM
Stroke adjustment range: 0-20cm
Maximum setting temperature: 350 degrees Celsius


· Foil hot stamping material:  leather, PVC, PU, business card, paper, plastic, and so on
· Hot stamping material: Wood, leaves, bread, leather, PVC, PU, business card, paper,  plastic

Note: For foil stamping use, we suggest the one with a foil holder. For only hot stamping use, a holder is not necessary. We also recommend making a support, or a nest, if stamping anything with an opening. We do sell supports in our add on section.

*High Pressure Stamps, and it's affiliates, do not accept any fault, or risk of liability, when a customer uses one of these machines. The machine manufacturer is responsible for any, and all, issues with machines or faulty equipment, not HPS. Thank you.

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