HPS - Tabletop Hot Stamp Machine

High Pressure Stamps

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These machines are upgraded with springs and we go over them by adding more lube to the pistons, tightening the bolt mounts, and calibrate the distance on the header. *We also offer support, if necessary. **5x7cm is only size that can do bottom stamps on discs.


· Digital temperature display in Fahrenheit · Precise full plate scale · Balance spring for stable working· U-type hole to meet different needs for installing mold and letters · Heating fast with double heat pipes · Durable stainless steel back support & aluminum alloy body


Model: 90DSS
Voltage: 110V
Power: 500W 
Heating plate size: 5x7CM, 10x13CM
Stroke adjustment range: 0-20cm
Maximum setting temperature: 350 degrees Celsius


· Foil hot stamping material:  leather, PVC, PU, business card, paper, plastic, and so on
· Hot stamping material: Wood, leaves, bread, leather, PVC, PU, business card, paper,  plastic

Note: For foil stamping use, we suggest the one with a foil holder. For only hot stamping use, a holder is not necessary. We also recommend making support, or a nest, if stamping anything with an opening.